Battery cars. We’ve got them, and not a scandal in sight.

Hey guys,
just a wee heads up. We’ve recently started to sell battery cars for kids. We’ve never done these before, but we got a contact for them so we thought we would try them.
So far, so good! Although maybe that’s just because it’s coming up to Christmas, ho ho ho.

Seriously, we’re doing them as cheap as chips. Yes, you can find the same cars elsewhere (they are all imported obviously) but we priced them as keen as we dare without getting shouted at by old Scrooge sitting in the corner.
On top of that, if you genuinely see one of them cheaper somewhere else, we will pull out all the stops to secure it for you even cheaper, if you give us a chance by filling in the quick form on the page. You can’t miss it 🙂

We have Audis, Bentleys, BMWs, Ferraris, Land Rovers, Maseratis, MINIs, Porsches and Volkswagens.

I can personally promise that we haven’t rigged the stated electricity consumption of the VW battery cars, they definitely only use 12V and not a volt more 🙂

On top of all those brands, we have some unbranded battery cars too, and we will be adding more to the range over the next month or two, as and when we get the best deals on them.

Some of the cars are 12V, some are 6V, some have a single motor, some have 2 motors. Some have a single seat, some can carry 2. Most come with a parental remote control, which means if your child isn’t too sure how to drive yet, or is too young, you can override what they are doing and keep them safe.
If you don’t have any kids, you just use it an over-sized remote control car, how cool is that?

Have a look HERE for the range, enjoy.

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