FAQ for shoppers
If you’re looking to save money but not sure where to start or how to use the site, these should help.

As always, if you’re stuck, contact us anytime.

What is DohRayMi all about?

DohRayMi is here to bring you great deals on everyday items and services. We try to offer the sort of things that you would be buying anyway, rather than things that only appeal because they are massively reduced in price compared to their “normal” price.

How much does it cost to use DohRayMi?”

Nothing, never ever anything. Zero. Nought. It’s free. We don’t charge. Use away. Knock yourself out. Be our guest.

How do I get the various savings on DohRayMi?

For Local Deals, you pay the business directly (via DohRayMi). You will then get a voucher which you can print and use to claim your goods or service in person. If the item is to be posted to you, obviously you will not need a certificate. If you are travelling any distance, it is always advisable to contact the business first to make sure they have exactly what you require.
Please take care to heed any expiry dates and special terms & conditions.
You do need an account on DohRayMi to buy local deals (unlike the other options below), it means you will have a record of your transactions, and enable you to print out another copy of your voucher should anything happen to the original.
For Online Discount Codes, just find an offer you like and click the “REVEAL CODE” button. This copies the discount code to your clipboard and also brings you to the retailer’s website so you can see full details of the product or service. If you decide to purchase, enter the discount code when you are checking out and you will get your discount or offer automatically. Because it is already copied to your clipboard, you just need to Paste it into place.
For Online Deals you don’t even need a code or a voucher, just click the button to be taken straight to the deal. Once there, you can decide whether or not to purchase at the special price.

What does "(£**+)" etc. mean in the title?

If you see a deal like, for example Free Delivery on all widgets at Acme (£50+) it just means that to get the deal, in this case Free Delivery, you must spend £50 or more in one transaction at that store.

We try to be as transparent as possible, so we give this you this information up front, to prevent you wasting your time clicking on offers that are of no interest to you.

What’s the difference between LOCAL and ONLINE?

Every voucher, code and deal on this site is linked to a particular business. We do this so you can see more information about who you are dealing with or buying from.

We have 2 main business types, Local businesses and Online businesses.

Local businesses are actual bricks and mortar type businesses. You can walk in and talk to someone, face-to-face. (Of course, they may also give you the option of having your item delivered).

Online businesses are just that, you can’t walk into the premises, you must buy remotely, and have the item delivered.

Can you explain the different TYPES of offers?

Free delivery: Get your purchased items delivered free, when normally this would cost. Sometimes you will have a choice between this, Money off and Percentage off, so take a little time to work out which will save you the most money.

Free gift: When you make a purchase, you will get something else included at no cost.

Money off: You will get a fixed £ amount off your purchase, regardless of how much you spend. Sometimes you will have a choice between this, Free delivery and Percentage off, so take a little time to work out which will save you the most money.

Percentage off: You will get a percentage off your purchase, so the more you spend, the more you save. Sometimes you will have a choice between this, Free delivery and Money off, so take a little time to work out which will save you the most money.

Special offer: This is just an offer that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, although it will always cost less than the normal price.

SHARE & SAVE: Every time you buy something, not just here but anywhere, online and offline, a portion of the price you pay, whether you like it or not, will be to cover the marketing costs for that item. Even your corner shop has signs to pay for.
As an extreme example, it is reckoned that in the UK,  an average of £500 out of the cost of your new car has been spent on…advertising that car to you!
On DohRayMi, we want to avoid that as much as possible, so we are in effect rewarding you for advertising our great prices. If you do a little promotion for us, we will give you even further discount.
This means that if you share our offers with your family and friends using social media, you will get an immediate extra discount, over and above that already listed.
It’s really easy. There’s no points to collect, no cash-back to claim, no clubs to join, no card to apply for, just instant discount.

Look for for offers that are SHARE & SAVE to take advantage of this.[

What happens if I don’t claim my goods/services before the expiry date?

Expiry dates on your deal are there for a very good reason. If there wasn’t an expiry date, then the deal wouldn’t be a deal at all, it would just be the normal price!

The reason a deal has an expiry date are varied but include; overstock, promotion, quiet trading period, imminent price rise, new business etc.

Please bear this in mind before you purchase.

Some retailers may, at their discretion, offer to honour the deal after the expiration date, but please do not depend on this. Speak to the retailer directly in the first instance.

Is DohRayMi safe?

Absolutely, we use PayPal to process our payments.

If you haven’t heard of them, they are one of the biggest companies in the online payments industry, so you can rest assured that your details are safe.

You can pay using any debit or credit card, and of course using your PayPal account too. Payment is simple, you don’t need an account with them, nor do you have to set one up, to make a purchase.

And lastly, as you would expect from a money-saving site, there is no charge for using them.

What are the benefits of joining DohRayMi?

Quite simple really..

It’s free.
It’s simple, just your name and email address.
If you have purchased any Local Deals, you can see your transaction history, reprint vouchers etc.
Members can access members’ only deals and savings. Members get our weekly newsletter with all the latest savings.
Members can enter our competitions.
We will NEVER send you any SPAM, nor sell, rent or giveaway your details.
You can cancel at any time.

How much is it for P&P, delivery, shipping?

For external products, see the merchant’s own web site for indvidual delivery costs.

For products sold on DohRayMi.com, you can just click on the shipping calculator and enter a few details and you will get a quote there and then.

You NEVER have to buy an item to find out the postage costs, the very latest stage you will find out is on the Cart page, which you can easily back out of if you think the cost is excessive.

DohRayMi.com never adds a mark up to delivery costs, we just pass on what we are charged.

FAQ for businesses
Thinking of selling on DohRayMi?

Here’s some pre-sales questions you may have. As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward.

What can you do for my business?

Well, hopefully we can get more customers through your door, on the end of your phone, or on your web site by publishing discount vouchers or deals for your business and making it easy for visitors to our site to use and share those vouchers or deals.
Of course you don’t want to give a discount, but if you provide a well-thought-out offer and give good service to those customers, they will come back. People love good deals, and they will share them with their friends
Did you ever hear of anyone sharing an advertisement?

How much does it cost to list my business on DohRayMi?

It doesn’t cost anything, listing is forever free!
You only pay something when someone buys something from you, via us.
It is completely, 100% pay-on-results.
You can see more details by clicking HERE

Can I list any offer I want?

While we try to be as flexible as possible with offers, there are some guidelines.

Offers must be unique to DohRayMi.com, for (we hope) obvious reasons.
Offers must be genuine, no vague discounts on quotes, time etc. The customer must be confident that you can’t add the cost on elsewhere in the transaction.
Don’t attach a cost to something which is normally free, and then “discount” it back to zero.
The original price referred to must not be inflated to try to make the discount look bigger.
Offers (except those tied to specific events) must have an expiry date, and the expiry date must be not more than 1 month away. Offers without an expiry date or that have expired will not show on the site.

Bear in mind that offers must be approved by us before they go live, so everything above will be checked.

How long do I have to wait to be paid?

You get paid immediately, straight into your PayPal account. Once the money clears in your account, we get paid out of that.
This means you can actually start promoting your business on DohRayMi from a standing start.

How many offers can I run at once?

You can have as many offers as you want running at any one time. They must be different, not variations on the same thing.

Can I restrict my offers to certain times, days, numbers etc.?

Yes, of course.

You can restrict the usage by time, day etc. using the T&C  on the voucher.
You can limit the number of offers you sell, once that limit is reached, the offer is withdrawn automatically.
You can offer bundle deals, where a customer must buy a certain combination of items or services to get the offer.

Regardless of all of the above, once the expiry date for your offer arrives, the offer is withdrawn automatically.

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