More Massive Reductions At The Happy Puzzle Company

This week at The Happy Puzzle Company their Winter Sale Continues with savings of up to 80%. In additionthey have a new range for 2016 – but hurry, all these offers and products are subject to available stock.

January Sale 2016




JIGRAPHY FOOTBALL JIGSAW MAP This ingenious 150 piece puzzle starts as a jigsaw. Once finished, 150 numbered footballs appear on the map, each one representing the location of the home stadium of every team in England’s Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two, plus Scotland’s Premier League and Championship and the top divisions in Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Each ball is coded with a border colour representing the league in which the team plays and the balls are coloured in the teams’ current kit colours. Your task is simply to work out which ball represents which team on the map.Was £14.99 Sale Price £2.99


CATS PYJAMAS Silly cats. They’ve put on far too many pairs of pyjamas and now they are too hot! Can you help them remove some layers by going round the game board and landing on the matching spaces. Everyone plays together. As the cat lands on a colour or a pattern, players can remove their cat’s matching pyjamas. The game will help teach your children different colours, patterns, shapes and matching all while having tons of fun!Was £19.99 Sale Price £3.99


BUZZING BATTLE BEES Buzzing Battle Bees is a brilliant hands-on game which requires cunning and strategy as well as a good aim. Your task is simple. Capture a Queeen Bee from the three surrounding beehives and take them back to your own hive. Be careful though, because your own hive is under attack as well…and your own Queen Bees are wanted! En route to your vistory, you’ll also get to challenge your opponents(s) to honeypot battles with bees flying everywhere as you launch them at high speed! Thoroughly original and brilliant fun. Buzzing Battle Bees will be loved by the whole family.Was £16.99 Sale Price £5.09


MOD MOBILES The colourful and durable foam pieces on each car can be quickly turned in a new direction or switched with another Mod Mobile, so your little gear head can go from car to tractor in just seconds. Each Mod Mobile has a real wood chassis and three chunky foam pieces which can be switched around to create an entirely new look. Each set contains three vehicles. Mod Mobiles brings the fun of “big kid” cars to little racers.Was £16.99 Sale Price £5.09


THINK TANK This is more of a game than a book and it’s superb fun. Most of the puzzles focus around solving cryptic clues that will lead you to UK towns, cities and stations. For example, which UK town or city could be described as ‘What a vandal often does to cars’ and which one ‘Tying things up securely’? Well, if you can’t work them out then you’ll have to buy the book! The other puzzles focus on navigating yourself around bizarre places and mathematical puzzles which require you to work out what numbers are needed in equations before you can even attempt to solve them. There are five different chapters in total and well over 120 puzzles to solve. The puzzles are ideal for getting the whole family to ‘think outside of the box’ and for whole class activities.Was £9.99 Sale Price £2.99


New Range January 2016



PYJAMA PARTY Be the first player to find the right cow amongst the 21 tokens, whose cap, slippers, pajamas and shirt match the two dice colours. The game then becomes more complex as you introduce cards which will give you visual clues to help identify the different cows. This excellent game will help children to develop logical deduction skills. Great fun!Was £9.99 Sale Price £3.99


DIG UP Players track the underground pathways which have been randomly dug by the animals, in order to collect the food they need on their order card. The spinner tells you which animal to track. However, with every turn, the paths change making this a great, fun way of improving children’s concentration skills.Was £10.99 Sale Price £7.69


SUPER MATH SPY Numbers appear hidden within fingerprints and can only be seen whilst you are wearing the special decoder glasses. Each player is dealt a hand of five cards, each featuring a random number from 1 to 100. Players then race to create an equation that will equal the number on their card, using the fingerprints. Extremely clever, very effective and wonderful fun!Our Price £14.99


CODE MASTER Use computer programming logic to solve sequencing puzzles which steadily become more complex. There are 60 levels. Help your avatar collect the crystals and land at the portal but think carefully, as in each level only one specific sequence of actions will lead to success.Our Price £19.99


The giraffes are hungry and need to eat. Can you help them get to the leaves high in the tree? To do this, you’ll need a steady hand as you stack and balance the pieces to reach the reward and earn the most points. Roll the die to determine which block you must use. Then, stack the blocks to help your giraffe reach the different levels of the tree. The leaves which grow higher in the tree are worth more points. Stack your giraffe’s neck as tall as possible to gain the biggest reward. But beware, if your giraffe tumbles, you’ll have to start again. A delightful and engaging game that emphasizes the balance between risk and reward while boosting dexterity.

NECK OF THE WOODSWas £19.99 Sale Price £7.99

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