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If you find something on this list that is no longer free, or indeed no longer available at all, we would appreciate it if you would let us know, thanks.
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Check your site’s responsiveness
See how your site scales down to fit on the most common mobile devices. Very important now that mobile is set to overtake desktop as the browsing method of choice.

Check how your site looks in other browsers
Enter your URL and this tool will show you what your website looks like in lots of different browsers. Handy for getting a customers’ perspective on your business.

File converter
Need to convert a file from one format to another? It should be do-able here. You can convert files in formats used in documents, drawing, presentations, e-books, videos, images, archive, audio and a few others too.

HTML code generator/checker
Stuck for a piece of HTML code for your website? If you know what you want to achieve, head over here and set it up, then simply click the “Source” button, copy and paste the code where you need it and you’re done.

Find out where you are in Google
Find out how high your site is appearing (or not) on Google for your chosen keywords here. It saves you having to go through each page individually. It “only” checks up to page 10, but you should be aiming higher than that.

QR code generator
An absolutely brilliant little tool, totally online, that allows you to make QR codes of all types. You can have them point to just about anywhere with the Data Type selector. You can also change the colour. Never pay to have a QR code designed again.

Test your site’s load speed
Check how fast your website loads, and see it ranked against other sites. It remembers your results from last time (so long as you haven’t cleared your cookies I guess) so you can see improvements, or not.

Special ALT Characters
Ever needed to insert an unusual or foreign language character into some text? Can’t find it anywhere, or don’t even know what it’s called? Well look here. Scroll down for  (simple) instructions, and more options.

Online banner maker
Looking some banners made but don’t have the time or money to outsource? Try this, it’s good. Still in Beta but so what, it works.

Screen capture and sharing
If you need to send someone a screen capture, in either static (screenshot) or in video (screencast) form, Jing’s your job. Capture it, add annotations etc. and then share it. Free of course.

Online photo editor
Use Pixlr to make all kinds of adjustments to your images, right in your browser. OK, so it ain’t Photoshop, but it you don’t need or can’t afford all that functionality (and the steep learning curve that goes with it) then this is perfect.

File transfer (FTP)
I use Filezilla all the time to transfer files to and from my site via FTP. Sometimes it’s the only way, and this does everything I need and more. The gold standard as far as I can tell.

Password manager/form filler
If your passwords aren’t as secure as they should be, or you use the same password for several different sites, then you need to get it sorted ASAP. LastPass also fills in forms for you, handy if you’re a dedicated comper!

I have been using this for years, across many different PCs and laptops, and never had an issue. Constantly updated, though be sure to unselect the ‘paid version trial’ option if you want to keep it free.

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