Vendor terms

  • DohRayMi (the “Company”) and the Vendor will agree the precise nature of the goods or services sold or supplied by the Vendor that will be promoted and sold by DohRayMi.
  • DohRayMi will advertise and sell the offers and deals that will be sold and purchased on the website.
  • DohRayMi will be entitled to an agreed commission, normally 10%, in relation to all sales of offers and deals as payment for the service of advertising and selling those offers and deals. There is a minimum commission amount of £1.00 per transaction.
  • The Vendor will be fully responsible and liable for the provision of the product or service to the customer in the usual way.
  • DohRayMi will notify the Vendor of all sales so they can fulfil the order accordingly.
  • The Vendor grants to DohRayMi a non-exclusive worldwide license and right to use the Vendor’s name, logo and any trademarks in connection with the marketing, promotion sale or distribution of offers and deals.
  • The Vendor agrees and acknowledges that DohRayMi owns all rights, title and interest in the DohRayMi website, DohRayMi trademarks, and any software, technology or tools used by DohRayMi to promote, market, sell, generate or distribute their offers and deals.
  • DohRayMi reserves the right to refuse any order in full or part. All services are subject to these terms and conditions.
  • All items for publication must comply with all legal requirements and with the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing. The client agrees to indemnify DohRayMi against all damages, losses, costs, and expenses resulting from any claim against DohRayMi relating to the form, content or nature of the item published.
  • DohRayMi shall have no liability where the provision of  services is prevented, restricted or delayed through any cause outside its reasonable control.
  • DohRayMi undertakes to investigate any queries or complaints, providing that they are reported within two weeks of the publication period and that sufficient information as to the basis of the complaint is provided. Contact should be made with the relevant manager in the first instance. The results of the findings will be made available to the Vendor.
  • The Vendor shall not be entitled to withhold payment of any amount payable to the Company by reason of any dispute or claim by the client.
  • Discount vouchers published on the site must adhere to the following criteria;
    They must have an expiry date of no more than one (1) calendar month away.
    They must not be for goods or services that the Vendor would normally give without charge anyway (for example Free Quote, Free Use of Leisure Facilites etc.)
    The discount or offer must not be available elsewhere.
    The voucher, voucher code, or an image of the voucher must be required to redeem the offer.
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